In the middle of a global pandemic and not being able to serve in person, I decided to take the plunge with the next best thing – a 5 day WhatsApp session with Miss Lady Louisa.

After an initial phone call to ascertain my likes and interests, I found Miss very easy to approach and discuss things with and after exploring a few examples we decided to start my time the next day. I was required to let Miss see what equipment and toys I had, we had discussed things beforehand.

The thrill of not knowing when my phone would ping with a message and when I would be required to serve Miss at a moments notice over the next 5 days was a thrill, I had early morning tasks and things to complete before I retired to bed for the day.

I will keep the detail between us but the tasks were very varied along with receiving personal messages and photo’s.

Miss is very approachable and we have been discussing chastity devices for me to wear and I think she has snared me into her web and I look forward to serving her both virtually and in person in the time to come