In the middle of a global pandemic and not being able to serve in person, I decided to take the plunge with the next best thing – a 5 day WhatsApp session with Miss Lady Louisa.

After an initial phone call to ascertain my likes and interests, I found Miss very easy to approach and discuss things with and after exploring a few examples we decided to start my time the next day. I was required to let Miss see what equipment and toys I had, we had discussed things beforehand.

The thrill of not knowing when my phone would ping with a message and when I would be required to serve Miss at a moments notice over the next 5 days was a thrill, I had early morning tasks and things to complete before I retired to bed for the day.

I will keep the detail between us but the tasks were very varied along with receiving personal messages and photo’s.

Miss is very approachable and we have been discussing chastity devices for me to wear and I think she has snared me into her web and I look forward to serving her both virtually and in person in the time to come


I’ve met Mistress Lady Louisa on multiple occasions now for sessions and each and every one is amazing! She’s so easy to get on with, funny and very intelligent! Not to mention absolutely stunning. She has a real expertise in kink and the lifestyle, all of which she has helped me with in discovering new kinks and events etc. Because you feel so comfortable around her due to her personality you are more open to exploring new kinks. I’ve ticked many kinks and fantasies off my bucket list thanks to the Mistress and some kinks she has introduced me to. I really could not recommend her enough, if you’re looking for an effortlessly dominant, beautiful, intelligent and witty mistress then Mistress Lady Louisa is definitely for you.

Miss Lady Louisa is a beautiful voluptuous Birmingham based mistress and dominatrix. As You can see from Her photos She has a very pretty face, long flowing hair, exquisite sensuous curves and a gorgeous body which She takes great care of.

Miss Lady Louisa owns a wide range of very kinky high quality outfits and toys. Some of Her favourites include Her floggers, Her spanking paddles and of course Her arrey of strapon dildos of various sizes which She can literally take my breath away with when putting me through my paces.

Recently I have been lucky enough to try Her e-stem Machine which She uses to tease and torment me. It is a feeling like no other and I highly recommend trying it with Her expert hands at the controls. I would say Miss Lady Louisa most enjoys role play as a nurse or teacher and is adept at creating a sensual exciting, fun session with minimal requests from me as She is very creative and possesses a dark kinky mind full of naughty thoughts. To further enhance the experience Miss Lady Louisa has access to a number of different BDSM locales across the West Midlands containing kinky dungeons, school rooms and medical examination rooms. She is an expert in inflicting pain and humiliation and can tailor the scene to what is required so that things get intense but not too heavy or extreme as she has eight years of experience as a BDSM Mistress so You can feel comfortable and confident that She knows what She is doing. Unlike some Mistresses She has a really warm personality and is friendly and approachable and instantly put me at ease. Miss Lady Louisa is also a great conversationalist and if You are lucky enough to serve Her You will learn that She really puts a great deal of effort into Her Sessions and makes sure that it is a rewarding and memorable experience for You and Her alike

I have had two sessions since July and Miss Louisa has made me fall in love with kink again after being on hiatus for two years after the illness. I have tried old things that I like and trying new things that I never thought I’d like before I’m now her adult baby you will feel safe and secure in sessions with Miss Louisa