A Maid/Butler is required in attendance to pamper to and serve myself and my Mistress friends at our forthcoming foot party. Your duties will be required in central Birmingham this Sunday 20th February from 1.30-4pm.

Previous experience is preferred but it is essential you have the right approach and aptitude for this important role.

Duties you will be expect to carry out include:

  • serving food
  • pouring drinks
  • cleaning and general domestic duties
  • plus other duties as deemed appropriate by us throughout the afternoon

Email respectfully to apply: (and please note, a tribute will be required)

Hi Mistress

I hope You are well? I wanted to say thank You for the amazing session Sunday before last. Apologies I didn’t come back sooner, life and holidays got in the way. I really enjoyed it and I’m very excited to do it again and push myself even further. I thought I’d do a sort of review if you wanted to share it…

My time with Mistress Lady Louisa was an experience like none I’ve ever had before and was truly special. Mistress pushed me to areas I have previously not entered and I loved them. All communication beforehand was thorough and attentive. Location was great and easy to find. Mistress eased me into things and I was very comfortable, very quickly. The quality of sissy makeover I received was wonderful, I can only dream of making myself look so good.

Then I performed for Mistress in a way I really enjoyed and felt so slutty. The taste of her nectar was not something I had expected but certainly put me in my place. As did the many strikes across my behind and the pounding I took from her strap-on. She teased me with her amazing body. I loved it all. But the icing on the cake, quite literally was the man she had organised for me to suck for her and then take a face full of his cum. Glorious. I felt like such a filthy sissy slut. I can’t wait to push myself even further for Mistress.

Feel free to use that as you want. I am in the process of working out when I am next free again but I am very keen to see you again and submit to you further Mistress.
Yours sincerely 
Britney x

More hot session news as I’m pleased to announce the availability for Single & Double Sessions in London, 22nd- 23rd March. Following our Belfast Tour I’ll be hot footing it to a location near London Bridge, with the beautiful and delicious Diana Von Rigg.

Enjoy all the fun of the fet: forced bi, cbt and ballbusting, sissification, humiliation, strap on and a whole heap of fine worship and more.

On the evening of Tuesday 22nd March I’ll be taking solo sessions, 7pm-10pm and then Wednesday 23rd March, single and double sessions are available designed to beautifully whet your appetite

So for those worthy of our time, don’t miss your opportunity to serve us. A deposit will be payable when booking.

Apply via Email:


It’s time to get the party started and join us for our Foot Party on 20th February, 1.30pm – 4pm in Birmingham.

Join myself, the beautiful Diana Von Rigg and the stunning Mistress Alexia and fall to our feet in worship – truly an afternoon’s delight. It will be a foot fetishists paradise and not one to miss!

There are only limited places available, so reserve your place if we think you’re worthy by emailing me:

Tribute will be £175 and a deposit will be required to confirm your booking.




The exciting news hot off the press is you can join Me for My First Belfast visit!

I’m looking forward to gracing Belfast for St Patrick’s Day weekend for exciting cash meets, filming, private sessions, doubles sessions, and TRIPLE sessions and there is even an opportunity for you to try forced-bi under the guidance of a Mistress or three… in fact as easy as 1, 2, 3!

I’ll be offering you the opportunity to meet With Miss Diana Von Rigg and I at an ATM for cash meets, you’ll withdraw an amount that’s guaranteed to make you cream in your pants or vomit immediately, we may even want to humiliate you and tease you for being a weak little pervert!

Email Me to arrange a meet from 5pm til late night.

On Friday I’m offering Private Domination appointments with myself as well as Double Domination appointments all day from 10am until 11pm. Triple Domination appointments are even available from 6pm onwards!

We’ll be bringing the majority of our kit and toys ready to torment you into submission should you require that extra coercion and encouragement. Just a few of our favourite activities are ballbusting, pegging, edging, milking, bondage, human ashtray, humiliation, spitting, nipple torture, face slapping, sissification, CBT, boot/shoe/Foot Worship, trampling, wax play..  and so on to whet your appetite.

Apply via Email:

For Saturday we have filming opportunities as well as more Solo and Double Domination slots from 11am until 6pm. For a discounted rate you can star as a filming slave in our content, we’re bringing our videographer with us ready to shoot new filth for our various clip stores.

Email for further information and to discuss.

And Saturday night, We’ll be hosting an evening of intimate encouraged bi experiences with our very own masked slaves, glory hole style. Have you longed to anonymously suck cock, get sucked or even go all the way under the guidance of hot, in control Mistresses… we’re giving you a chance to live out your forced bi fantasies for one night only.

Join us at our private venue where you’ll be met privately by either Myself or Miss Diana Von Rigg, stripped off, hooded and/or blindfolded and led to the next room to meet your (pre-discussed/pre-agreed) filthy fate. Condoms, lube, gloves, shower facilities and anonymity all provided.

Enjoy all of this from 7pm on Saturday 19th March Belfast, Northern Ireland.

All appointments MUST be pre-booked to be guaranteed with no exceptions. I have had lots of interest so all bookings will be strictly on a first come first serve basis.


Should an event occur where you cannot attend your scheduled appointment you will be required to pay your outstanding balance for any time allotted to you. This is NON negotiable.

Should an event occur where your appointment cannot go ahead for any reason on Our part, you will be given the option to have your deposit refunded or transferred to a new date/time slot.

Forced bi slots are pre-booked and payable in full in advance, we encounter many time wasters, so we ask for a non refundable payment, this guarantees we can relax and enjoy the evening without worrying about transactions and allow for your session to flow authentically.

Forced bi sessions are at a rate of £300 per 30 minutes or £400 per hour for 2 Mistresses and 1 Slave provided for use (Top or Bottom)

Deposit – £50 payable in advance Solo Sessions – additional £150 per hour booked payable in cash on the day or via bank transfer.

Doubles Sessions – £100 Deposit / additional £300 per hour booked.

Triples Sessions – £150 deposit / additional £450 per hour booked 

Further enquiries to:


More exciting sessions and filming opportunities available with myself and Miss Diana Von Rigg this Wednesday 26h January in Worcester 4-7pm. Limited spaces available for the fortunate few to enjoy: Ballbusting, Strap-on play, Forced Bi, CP, Sissification and much, much more!

We’ve got limited slots to fill, so let’s fill yours! Don’t miss out on all the excitement!

Apply respectfully to either Mistress if you think you’re worthy by emailing or – a deposit will be required.


The exciting news is that I’ll be Double Domming with Mistress Alexia in Manchester on Saturday 15th January from 3-7pm. In addition to the pleasure of serving us, they’ll also be filming opportunities for the fortunate few.

We’re sure to be putting you through your paces, if you’re lucky enough to secure a slot! But you’ll have to hurry, spaces are limited and time is running out.

If you think you’re worthy apply now to or – a deposit will be required.


I’m not sure I can I put in to words my first foray with Miss Lady Louisa. I opted for the shorter package (a mistake in hindsight) it was incredibly well priced for the amount of time and effort I was given.

Everything that was done was incredibly well thought out and it was clear a lot of thought had gone into every plan devised for me.

If anyone is on the fence about going ahead I would just have to say jump right in she doesn’t bite!

Miss Lady Louisa is as stunning as she is evil (but I think that’s what most of us want)


Hello everyone

I would like to thank all of you for hosting such a wonderful event. This was the first event I have been too and my anxiety was through the roof. It was nice to see all of you were friendly and understanding which helped me a lot.

Mistress Diana:
Your smile is mesmerising although we didn’t talk much your presence made me feel weak and submissive. Would love to spend more time serving you next time.

Mistress Alexia:
It was nice to see you were interested to know more about me and what I am into, as you know I was very shy and to be honest I am trying to find the answer to that question. What I would love to do is live, behave and act like a girl, but due to some social constraints, family & religion, this can’t be done.

Mistress Louisa:
I didn’t or ever did have a foot fetish in my life but giving your feet a rub that day I was salivating. If your feet were not covered in cocoa butter, I would have licked every part of them and believe me I don’t have a foot fetish.

Mistress Anne:
You caught my attention from the very moment I entered. I don’t know if that was your aura or the energy in the room. When you were milking me your smell was intoxicating me and made me incapable of concentrating.

Thank you all for such a wonderful time.

I am eagerly waiting to meet you all at the next event, until then have a great weekend.

I want to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful session.

After having a really bad experience in the past during a strap-on session with another mistress, I developed a complete mental block that has ruined so many sessions since.

I was so scared that history would repeat itself, but through your complete care and guidance, you have allowed me to once again feel a big sense of relief and personal pride that I was able to be pegged for several minutes. I can’t thank you enough for your training and patience with me.