Hi Mistress

I hope You are well? I wanted to say thank You for the amazing session Sunday before last. Apologies I didn’t come back sooner, life and holidays got in the way. I really enjoyed it and I’m very excited to do it again and push myself even further. I thought I’d do a sort of review if you wanted to share it…

My time with Mistress Lady Louisa was an experience like none I’ve ever had before and was truly special. Mistress pushed me to areas I have previously not entered and I loved them. All communication beforehand was thorough and attentive. Location was great and easy to find. Mistress eased me into things and I was very comfortable, very quickly. The quality of sissy makeover I received was wonderful, I can only dream of making myself look so good.

Then I performed for Mistress in a way I really enjoyed and felt so slutty. The taste of her nectar was not something I had expected but certainly put me in my place. As did the many strikes across my behind and the pounding I took from her strap-on. She teased me with her amazing body. I loved it all. But the icing on the cake, quite literally was the man she had organised for me to suck for her and then take a face full of his cum. Glorious. I felt like such a filthy sissy slut. I can’t wait to push myself even further for Mistress.

Feel free to use that as you want. I am in the process of working out when I am next free again but I am very keen to see you again and submit to you further Mistress.
Yours sincerely 
Britney x